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About Peyton Parker Lane Playground

Great things are coming to Mincks Park in York, Nebraska! Peyton Parker Lane Playground is named for three amazing children who lived with unique needs: Peyton and Parker Hoffman, and Lane McDaniel. Parents Chad & Julie Hoffman and Brian & April McDaniel have formed a committee of volunteers to help bring their vision to life! Read more about Peyton and Parker Hoffman and Lane McDaniel.

Peyton Parker Lane Playground will incorporate a custom design with an outdoors theme. Children of all abilities can let their imagination run wild with an accessible play structure featuring a tree house, zipline, and a fishing boat rock ‘n ship glider! The playground will also be outfitted with Unlimited Play’s Quiet Grove, a calming sensory zone designed in partnership with Little Tikes Commercial, as well as custom play panels, outdoor musical instruments, an inclusive spinner, a massive swing set and so much more!

Your donation can help bring inclusive play to the York community. Other opportunities to get involved include joining the volunteer committee, and hosting or participating in a fundraising event. Follow Peyton Parker Lane Playground on Facebook to learn more.

Explore the Playground

Click here to see a fly through video of the design plans! We also invite you to view the playground catalog and the photo gallery below.


Mincks Park 2222 E. 14th Street York, NE 68467