5 Differences Between Accommodation and Accessibility

A wedding was planned in a Washington, D.C., area park for 40 of the couple’s closest family and friends. But unfortunately, one guest arrived at the park only to find out he could not make it to the ceremony site because there were no wheelchair ramps. Instead of attending the wedding, the man went home. … Continued

Child playing outside on the lawn with trucks, blocks paints and other toys.

Six Outdoor Play Activities for Kids of All Abilities

Many parents are eager to get their kids outside after spending the day at school, daycare or in physical therapy. But when Mom and Dad are in charge of planning the agenda all day, every day, things can get a little hectic. This is particularly true for parents of kids with special needs. It may … Continued

Children of all abilities playing on a turnabout

Family traveling with children pose outside of an airplane with arms up in excitement.

Tips for Traveling with Toddlers and Children

Family trips are a great way to bond and create lifelong memories with your children. But some days, just going to the grocery store without a temper tantrum or unexpected potty break can feel like “Mission: Impossible.” If the thought of traveling with your kids is too stressful, you may avoid it entirely – but … Continued

Parent and child reading a book with cartoon foxes.

How to Encourage a Child to LOVE Reading

Are you about ready to buy earplugs if you have to sit through another episode of “Sesame Street” or “Puppy Dog Pals?” We all let our little ones indulge in some TV time. Perhaps as a result of unfavorable weather conditions that prevent outside play, or the need for a few uninterrupted minutes to send … Continued

10 Affirmations to Help Parents

10 Encouraging Affirmations for Parents

It is easy for parents to feel burned out from time to time. For parents of children with special needs, this is particularly true. Watching your child encounter obstacles of any kind can be emotionally draining – whether it be well-meaning adults who make a thoughtless comment, or a playground without any accessible equipment for … Continued