Unlimited Play – Universally Accessible Playgrounds

What began as a community-wide project starting in 2013, culminated in an outpouring of generosity to open a playground that honors the lives of each of the girls – Amara, Sophie and Cecilia. There are three sections to this massive play area that are dedicated to each of the three girls. Each section was custom designed as they focus on what each girl enjoyed to do. The entire playground is accessible to children of all abilities as the girls were very aware of and cared for children who couldn’t do the things that they could do.

The Tri-Angels playground is not a typical playground. The 12,000 square ft. inclusive play space is unique because the design surpasses ADA standards as outlined in the American with Disabilities Act. The spongy surfacing, ramping to every platform, shading, high back swings, metal slides, and ample degree of sensory integrative equipment all remove barriers so children of ALL abilities can play together.  Additionally, parents and grandparents with disabilities and our Veterans wounded while serving in the Armed Forces are able to play alongside their children and grandchildren. The word “inclusive” means all to belong.

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