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About Tiger Jungle Club Playground

Since opening our business in 2018, we’ve made it our mission to use it as a platform for giving back to our communities. In these 5 short years, we have been able to donate $20,000 to many local causes. We are invested in the St. James/Rolla communities. We have so much love and gratitude for you all sustaining our dream and small business. 

Part of our story that we’ve mentioned in the past is our journey to parenthood. Within our first year of marriage we lost a baby daughter at 22.5 weeks gestation. For our 10th wedding anniversary, Joe began the Kaylor Katherine Foundation for us to have a 501(c)3 to channel our charitable giving to an organization of our own that we can use for the betterment of things close to our hearts. We were thankful to team up with Beau’s Buddies and bring a CuddleCot to Phelps Health so that families can have more time to grieve with their infants. 

Next on our agenda is bringing an All-Inclusive, ADA accessible playground to St. James. We believe every child should be able to play safely and with their peers. We invite you to follow our foundation and if you’re inclined, to see how you can make this a reality for the 150+ kids in our area who deserve to play safely. The playground is an upgrade to all of the current equipment to bring something special to all of the kids near and far that would like to visit our beautiful community! We would feel blessed to have your help on this journey!

— The Boulware Family: Joe, Michelle, Christopher, Anna & Rose

This playground is dedicated in honor of Richard and Margaret Wilson courtesy of the Brewer family, and the Memory of Kaylor Katherine Boulware.

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