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About The Pinkerton Family Playground







The Pinkerton family of Glenrock, Wyoming, includes six adoptive children with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. Joey, Tracee, Anthony, Cameron, Julian and Devlin were all adopted as teenagers by Shannon and Jason Pinkerton. 

The boys LOVE to play, and play is a critical part of a child’s physical, emotional and social development — especially for children with disabilities. But the nearest playground is a far drive from their home. While searching for a way to build an inclusive playground for her boys, Shannon was connected with Unlimited Play.

In celebration of our organization’s 20th anniversary, Unlimited Play is thrilled to give back to the Pinkerton family with an inclusive playground right in their backyard!

We must raise the remaining $20,000 needed to give this family a playground! Help us give the gift of play by donating through the GoFundMe campaign.


Explore The Playground

We invite you to view the playground design renderings below.