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About Ellicottville Playground

Ellicottville Playground values play for all ages and abilities and is inspired to bring modern and versatile equipment to the Ellicottville community that will promote physical, social, and cognitive development.
A unique, 4-season destination, Ellicottville draws an immense number of visitors from all over – Ohio, Pennsylvania, Canada and more!  While Ellicottville has so much to offer for local and visiting families alike, what it is lacking is a safe place for all to play – no matter their ability.

Five local moms have recognized the need for a modern, inclusive playground in the village of Ellicottville. They have banded together to initiate a playground for ALL kids to play on.

Of course all of the founding moms have heartfelt reasons for a new playground, but one mom in particular, Tiffany Frentz, has a daughter who NEEDS this playground so she can experience the simple pleasures of playing on a playground with her peers. Tiffany and Derek Frentz’s daughter, Lola, was born with a rare genetic condition Lesch-Nyhan Disease, and Lola spends most of her day in a wheelchair. Lola absolutely loves interacting with her peers, but when she is at the playground, the Frentz’s can barely get her wheelchair to roll over the grass and wood chips, let alone play on any of the equipment at the park.  This is not an issue specific to Lola. There are many children and families in the community and those who visit who are unable utilize our current playground due to their disabilities.

Children utilize the playground extensively in the summer for many reasons including summer programming, sporting events, and parties.  Ellicottville playground is a vital component to the community. It is a central meeting point in need of a serious update to allow for safer play. We look forward to building an opportunity for all children to come together and play.

We would like to personally thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with our organization for raising funds.”

Visit Ellicottville Playground’s Facebook page here to follow the playground’s progress and stay up to date with fundraisers and events!

Upcoming Events

Ellicottville Playground Golf Tournament

When: Saturday, July 27th

Where: Concord Crest Golf Course

Shotgun start: 2:00 PM

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