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Theodore (Teddy) Gooch was born on January 4, 2016. Before Teddy was born, his parents (Erin and Craig) were told there was a chance he would be born with a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. Shortly after his birth, it was confirmed Teddy did in fact have achondroplasia. While living with dwarfism, Teddy has had his share of medical complications and physical, motor and speech delays. 

After attending numerous play dates at local playgrounds, Erin and Teddy quickly noticed that Teddy could not play with his peers like he wanted to. This often led to many tears from both mom and son. When they visited a playground designed by Unlimited Play and Little Tikes Commercial, Teddy and his mom left the playground with happy tears for the first time ever. “Mom, this was the best day ever. I got to play with my friends without any help from you,” said Teddy. From that day on, Erin knew she wanted a similar inclusive playground to be built closer to home. 

“I am thrilled to meet so many moms and dads that all have different, yet similar, obstacles with their kids. We all want what is best for ALL kids. Building an inclusive playground should be a norm. It needs to be our future. I am so grateful that I get to be part of this journey with these new moms I met.

“If we build it, they will ALL come.” 

— The Gooch Family

Meet More Families Involved

Many local families of kids with disabilities have come together to form a committee for Teddy & Friends Inclusive Playground. To read more stories from the families making this playground dream a reality, click here.

Bracelets and T-shirts for Inclusion

Local artist Bead & Bandit Co. is handcrafting bracelets with messages about inclusion and kindness inspired by Teddy & Friends! For every bracelet purchased, $5 will go towards funding the playground.

Click here to order your bracelets online. Thank you to Bead & Bandit Co. for creating bracelets in benefit of Teddy & Friends Inclusive Playground! 

Local artist Sweet Momma Blair designed T-shirts advocating for inclusion! For every T-shirt purchased, 10% will be donated to Teddy & Friends Inclusive Playground. Thank you to Sweet Momma Blair! To order your T-shirt, click here.

Explore The Playground

Click here to watch a video introducing Teddy and Erin Gooch!

Click here to view the October 2023 Teddy & Friends Inclusive Playground Newsletter.

We also invite you to view the playground catalog, the playground site plan and the photo gallery below.






Queeny Park Rink, 550 Weidman Road, Manchester, MO, USA