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About Taylor Field of Dreams

We believe that recreation and recreational opportunities are every person’s right. Taylor Field of Dreams will be a place where all children and adults are accepted for who they are and not what they can and cannot do. This playground will break down barriers and bring people of all ages and abilities to come together to create a sense of community where everyone feels nurtured, valued, encouraged, and respected. We are healthier together when we are all inclusive.

Southport’s new inclusive playground will embrace the coastal town’s pirate history with play elements designed to all ages and abilities to set sail. Ramping from the ground-level to highest point ensures that every matey can play! Additionally, this playground features a variety of sensory experiences and opportunities for parallel play for children to explore as they search for treasure together.

Community Narratives

“Cameron is 31 years old, born with Down syndrome and autism and has difficulty playing with others. Because of Cameron’s age and physical disabilities, it is difficult to find a place for him to enjoy outdoor space such as swings and playsets. It would be wonderful to have a place that is all inclusive so close to home. It would provide a supportive environment where he can enjoy outdoor activities without facing physical barriers. Community support and involvement could help turn this idea into a reality.” – Elizabeth H.



“Aaron is an 8-year-old with Spina Bifida. His physical limitations can make it hard for him to enjoy the standard playground

. Most parks use sand or mulch. This can make it hard for a person in a wheelchair or one with physical limitations to access the playground. Steps are another obstacle. We need a playground where people of ALL abilities can enjoy the simple act of play.” – Kathryn H.



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409 East Nash Street, Southport, NC, USA