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Hannah was born March 25, 2004. Hours after her birth, she was on her way to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital in St. Louis and her medical journey began.

Ultimately, Hannah was diagnosed with epilepsy, global developmental delays, and cerebral palsy that significantly limited her ability to do most things we take for granted…like walking, talking, singing and playing. But love, creativity, and support kept Hannah connected to her family and community.

Hannah loved to watch her sister, Morgan, play with puppets and blow bubbles. She liked music, falling asleep every night to the music from her toy seahorse. A special swing allowed Hannah to be outside and enjoy swinging along with her sister. She reminded us to appreciate the gifts life offers and taught us how to care for each other.

Hannah died January 8, 2012. Instead of wishing for her to rest in peace, her family and friends quickly started to remember her by saying R-A-P…Run And Play.

Many children are limited by their bodies, but every child and every family should experience the joy of play. Hannah’s Playground will provide this opportunity to children, regardless of their challenges and limitations.

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