Unlimited Play – Universally Accessible Playgrounds

About Greenwood Inclusive Playground

To be located at Heartsill Meadow in Greenwood, AR, this playground will be an Unlimited Play inclusive playground —a place where limitations will be forgotten and differences are celebrated!

Our vision is simple – to create a space where everyone can experience the happiness of playing with friends. We aim to create a transformative playground that reflects the spirit of our community, where inclusivity and adaptability reign supreme. This playground will be a symbol of unity, designed by and for the people, ensuring that every individual, regardless of ability or background, feels welcomed and empowered.

We aim to foster a space that inspires collaboration, creativity, and exploration, where everyone can freely participate, learn, and grow. By embracing diversity and actively involving the surrounding areas, our inclusive and adaptive playground will become a cherished hub of joy, connection, and shared experiences for generations to come.

Explore The Playground

Click here to view the playground brochure and here to view the catalog. We also invite you to view the playground site plan and the photo gallery below.


Heartsill Creek, Arkansas, USA