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This destination playground in O’Fallon’s Westhoff Memorial Park is designed around a fun bug and insect theme that includes a custom “bug’s life” design that both kids and adults will enjoy. In fact, kids of all ages and abilities will want to come and play at Brendan’s Playground again and again.

Mayor Bill Hennessy dedicated this playground to Brendan in hopes that he will continue to inspire O’Fallon residents and all the children and families whose lives are enriched by playing on this playground. Brendan Schmitt, born February 2002, lives in O’Fallon with his parents, Mike and Michelle and younger brother Caden. He loves superheroes and says that playing on playgrounds makes him feel “powerful”. In spite of his rare genetic disease that affects both his bone and skin structure, Brendan is a child that teaches people to live life to the fullest and to make each day count.

Featured Inclusive Equipment

  • Theme – “Bug’s Life” theme for countless hours of imaginative play
  • Swings – Traditional, toddler, ADA accessible and 2 Biggo Flyer Saucer Swin
  • Waterplay – A fully accessible splash pad for those hot summer days
  • Music Section – Freenotes playground instruments and custom piano (like in the movie “Big”)
  • Toddler and 5-12 sections – Fully ramped and accessible
  • Surfacing – Interlocking Tile
  • Climbing Net – Spiderweb themed with custom fully-backed seats
  • Rollerslide and metal slides – Available for those with chochlear implants

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