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About Alexander Elementary Inclusive Playground

The Alexander Inclusive Playground Project, a subcommittee of the nonprofit Alexander PTO, believes that every person, no matter the ability, should have the opportunity to engage in outdoor activity, play, and social interaction on a playground. Our mission is to remove the barriers that make this impossible for people with disabilities, especially at school. A school is the place where people with disabilities have the majority of their playground experiences in life. The school playground should be accessible to all because of its dual purpose as a school playground and community playground. Inclusive outdoor spaces contribute to vibrant, thriving communities and better health outcomes for children. In most cases, these outdoor spaces are not accessible. We are here to change that.

We have three main goals to carry out this mission:

1) Redesign and install an inclusive playground at Alexander Local Schools

2) Educate our children and community about inclusion and accessibility

3) Create a model project for other schools so that the work we’ve done can empower other districts to build inclusive playgrounds for the health and wellbeing of their students.

Our approach is based in research, collaboration, and education.

Visit the project’s website here to learn more about the mom’s bringing this playground to life and the children who inspired it!

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6105 School Rd, Albany, OH, USA